Thursday, February 3, 2011

hard working farmers love their jobs

Farming is hard, but from the enthusiastic responses of the farmers participating in the panel discussion at St. John Fisher at the opening of Crossroads of the Community, it is what they love.

Thanks to Anita Amsler, Deana Jones, Ginny Eaton, Louie Bell and Richard Hammann who answered questions about farming and selling at the Rochester Public Market, and to Joe Figliomeni whose father was a huckster in the 1930s and family has been selling at the market for more than 50 years.

“It’s our livelihood,” said Ginny. “I hated the farm when I was a kid,” said Deana, “but after a few years in the other working world, I came back. My sons love the farm, to

“We sell what we grow,” added Anita. “I’ve always been farming, even when I was a long-haul truck driver,” said Louie.

Richard briefly summed up his experiences of farming since he was ten years old.

Joe told the audience how in the hucksters, with their horse drawn carts, lined up waiting to enter the market.

I’d like to also thank Nancy Greco, Reference Librarian and Lavery Library Curator, at the St. John Fisher Library who made all the arrangements for the exhibit and Dr.David Baronov, Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology at Fisher, with whom the exhibit was coordinated.

And lastly, an email from Joseph Sorrentino, photographer and playwright:


Your opening was great. I didn't realize you had a panel of farmers participating. In addition to taking some excellent photos, you're giving small farmers a chance to tell their story. That's very important and I'm so glad you're doing it.


  1. Hi, Margaret,
    I am so pleased to see your beautiful work. Your pictures are compelling.
    My name was Cheryl Janette when we were friends in Ridgefield, CT. We had many wonderful dinners at your home. My husband, Sid, & I visited you in Rochester when we were visiting my parents about 15 yrs. ago. Do you remember any of this?
    I'd love to hear from you.
    One breath at a time, Cheryl Wasserman

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