Wednesday, May 18, 2011

welcome back to the market

Welcome back to the market - farmers and vendors who are only at the market for 6 months, May to November. I've nicknamed them the "6-monthers". There are other farmers and vendors who are at the mnarket year-round, getting my nickname of the "12-monthers."
It's great to have the "whole market family" back together. Some of the 6-monthers I saw in early May are:

Hugh Stevenson, Hu-Gen Greenhouses, Wayland 
Hugh and his wife Genny didn't head South this winter as they have in previous years. They fired up the greenhouses in January and have a huge selection of flowers and bushes to bring to the market.

Paul Navarra, Navarra Farm Market and Greenhouses, Albion, NY

Diane Kemp, Stan's Quality flowers, Holley, New York
Shelia and Merle Palmiter, Palmiter's Garden Nursery, Avon, New York
Maureen Wilson, Herson Hill Winery, Keuka, New York
Lukas Mazerbo, Mansion Market Farms, Honeoye, New York

Charles Kopp, Kopp Farm, Corfu, New York

Gerti and Sam Pitti, Pitti Farm, Hilton, New York
The Pittis spent a few weeks in the Caribbean, staying warm!
Bob Peters, Peters Farm, Fairport, NY
It's wonderful to have Bob back at the market brining his llucious red rhubarb. Later in the season he'll have broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage - some heads as big as baseballs!
Carolyn Czarnecki, Maxon Farm Estates, Rush
Jeff Werner, Werner Farm Market, Rush
Carolyn was busy tappping maples trees in her farm's sugar bush this winter. They had a record season with over 800 gallons.

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