Saturday, May 21, 2016

Market Memories

I went to the Rochester Public Market to buy onions. I came home with much more—shiny purple onions, deep orange carrots, bright green kale, deep red tomatoes, and most importantly with having met the farmers who grew the produce.

Now when I prepare a soup, salad, pie or stew, I think of the farmers from whom I bought the produce. My memories of our visits when I stop by to shop, enrich the dishes I prepare as much as the ingredients they have grown on their farms.

For years now I have gotten to know many of the farmers and vendors who sell at the market. I used the hook of taking their pictures as a way to get to know them. They realized what I was doing when I gave them copies of their pictures.

This book is a compilation of many photographs I have taken over the past ten years. I have included photographs vendors whose passing saddens me—they are still an important part of my memories of the market. Some of the photographs included are of families whose children are a foot taller today than when I took their picture.

Although I have no official affiliation with the market, I appreciate the support of the market office has given me when I had several exhibits of my photographs.

May we all value and support our local farmers whose dedication to the land and to growing fruits, vegetables and even flowers nourish and enrich all our lives. Thank you. 

Margaret W. Miyake
Rochester, New York

Below is the cover and a couple of sample pages. For more information, please contact me through this blog. All photographs and design are copyrighted-Margaret W. Miyake. Thanks!

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